I dream my painting

and I paint my dream

A painting to me is primarily a verb, not a noun, an event first and only secondarily an image.

Who am I?

I'm parisa A Painter

در آستانه فصلی سرد، لبریز از زندگی، عاشق ستاره صبحم و ابرهای سرگردان، با چشم های آتشین از عشق از گور لیلاهای بی وفا گذر کرده با چراغ و آب و آئینه به تماشای باغ نشسته ام تا به آفتاب سلامی دوباره داده باشم. میدانم پرنده مردنی ست، اما امیدوارم تولد دیگرم در سحرگاه شکفتن ها و رستن های ابدی، آنجا که زن بودن، فارغ از افسانه های نان و ننگ در این مرز پر گهر موهبتی بشمار آید و پروازم به یادها سپرده شود

In the cold season of life, I am in love with The morning star and wandering clouds, with eyes buring with love, I have passed the grave of the unfaithful laylas, I have sal watching The garden with a lamp, water and mirror to greet the sun again. I know that it is a dying bird, but I hope that my next birth will be considered a blessing in the dawn of eternal blosso mining and growth, where being a woman, free from The legends of bread and shame in this precious borther and my flight will be remembered

A part of my Painting

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Over twenty years of experience in artistic activities, including watercolor, acrylic, oil painting, marquetry, calligraphy, and decorative arts such as wood painting, antique work, gold leaf, bronze work, stone facade, tile facade, mosaic facade, and patina techniques.